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How is the most realistic sex doll made?

The most realistic research and development and production process of sex dolls. The general process is as follows:

(1) Selection of real-life models, real-life models, and fine sculptors carry out model-based sculptures.

(2) Carry out 3D scanning of the finely carved models to establish a digital 3D model of the human body.

(3) In the digital 3D model of the human body, design a 3D model of the human body skeletal carbon fiber plus elastic memory metal skeleton and the matching human body weight loss memory foam elastic inner liner.

(4) Design a 3D outer mold for integral injection in the digital human body 3D model, then print the mold through a 3D printer and combine the designed digital 3D outer mold to make a glass fiber reinforced plastic outer mold for the integral injection of the human body.

(5) The skeletal-like carbon fiber and elastic memory metal skeleton of the human body is produced from the elastic inner liner of the human body weight-reducing memory foam, which is placed in the outer mold made of glass fiber reinforced plastic for the integral casting of the human body, and then the integral injection is carried out.

(6) After the injection is completed, paint the most realistic sex doll, mainly makeup, hair transplant, skin texture, capillaries, etc.

(7) After various process treatments, the coating of the most realistic sex doll is stable and does not fade.

(8) After the comprehensive quality inspection, dress the dolls and carry out an exquisite imitation of the damaged packaging before shipping to consumers.

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