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What are the shortcomings of the most realistic sex dolls?

The low-end dolls currently on the market, mainly dolls priced under US$300, still have many defects. The main defects are as follows:

(1) The skeleton of the doll is rough and stiff, it can’t make a few poses, and it’s very laborious. And the skeleton has no elasticity and cushioning, it feels like playing with zombies.

(2) The doll does not have a weight-reducing liner, resulting in the doll’s weight as high as 40 kg, and ordinary people can’t move it at all. If you hug a real person with 40 kilograms, it is easier to hug because the real person will cooperate with the hug. But the doll is stiff, so ordinary people can hardly hold it.

(3) The raw materials used in the production of dolls are in pursuit of low prices, are of poor quality, have a relatively unpleasant smell, are easy to crack, easy to produce oil, and easy to deform. For many dolls, when the consumer poses in a larger range, this pose will crack after a day or two.

(4) The body shape of some dolls is not well designed and does not conform to the structure of the human body. When using the doll, many sex positions are deformed seriously, and no suitable clothes for the doll can be found.


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