Introducing the Best Height Sex Dolls

Mini sex dolls (less than 100cm)
Their smaller size makes them easy to hide and lighten up. These dolls are usually used for vaginal intercourse. These dolls are perfect for companionship and masturbation.

Mini sex dolls (120cm – 140cm)
They are larger than mini sex dolls, measuring 120cm. However, the features are more realistic and detailed. You can also explore this deviation with the XL mini sex dolls using different options such as anal sex, vaginal intercourse and oral sex. These dolls are like the ultimate super-craving person’s dream.

Full size sex doll (140cm+)
A full size sex doll weighs 30kg (66lbs) and is between 158cm (5ft 2in) and 165cm (5ft 4in) in height. These dolls are easy to find clothes, wigs and accessories for. However, they are not someone you can hide behind. You can choose from a wide range of sex dolls that can be personalised to your liking. You may be wondering if sex dolls help with anxiety or depression. You can choose the one that suits you best depending on your size and weight!

Showing 1–20 of 82 results

Showing 1–20 of 82 results