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Eartha – TPE Small Flat Chested Sex Doll


  • The anus and vagina of the sex doll are specially treated with a ribbed pattern and particles inside. Make it more real when you have sex.
  • Sex dolls have metal skeletons with movable joints that can take any pose.
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Eartha - TPE Small Flat Chested Sex Doll $640.35$486.27

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Hello everyone, my name is Earthha, I am a flat chested sex doll, I am also a mini sex doll with a height of only 100cm, I was born with a height of only 100cm and a very light weight, I look like a child, but I’m actually a teenager, I’m familiar with sex, I’m born for sex, I can make any poses to satisfy you, do you like me like this? If you like me, take me home!

Height: 100cm
Breast: 45cm
Waist: 26cm
Hip: 40cm
Anus Depth: 10cm
Vagina Depth: 14cm
Mouth Depth: 14cm
Net Weight: 13kg
Gross Weight: 17kg

Height: 125cm
Breast: 52cm
Waist: 29cm
Hip: 49cm
Anus Depth: 12cm
Vagina Depth: 14cm
Mouth Depth: 13cm
Net Weight: 16kg
Gross Weight: 20kg

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The value is manual measurement, there is a normal interval of 1-3cm.

Eartha is a TPE small flat chested sex doll perfect for those looking for a petite and realistic companion. She is 4’11” tall and weighs only 66 lbs, making her the perfect size for those wanting a more miniature doll. Her body is made of high-quality TPE material, soft to the touch and incredibly realistic. Her flat chest and petite frame make her look like a real woman, and her face is very detailed and lifelike. Her eyes are a deep brown, and her lips are full and inviting. Her hair is a beautiful dark brown, and it is styled in a classic bob cut.

Eartha is the perfect companion for those who want a realistic and petite sex doll. She is ideal for cuddling and snuggling, and her tiny frame makes her easy to carry around. She is also great for those who want to experiment with different positions, as her small size makes it easy to manoeuvre her into different positions. Her TPE material is also great for those who want a realistic experience, as it feels like real skin.

Overall, Eartha is the perfect companion for those who want a petite and realistic sex doll. Her small frame and flat chest look incredibly lifelike, and her TPE material feels realistic. She is perfect for cuddling and snuggling, and her small size makes it easy to manoeuvre her into different positions. If you’re looking for a realistic and petite sex doll, Eartha is a perfect choice.

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United States, EU

10 reviews for Eartha – TPE Small Flat Chested Sex Doll

  1. Avatar of Jason Vielhaber

    Jason Vielhaber

    OMG she is sooo perfect!!!!!! I hope that her mouth is fuckable as well as her tiny tight pussy and ass are!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar of Jason Vielhaber

    Jason Vielhaber

    I love how young she looks and I love her pig tails. I just wish that she didn’t cost so much.

  3. Avatar of IowaDaddy


    This is my 2nd mini doll…i got the other from a different company and paid twice as much but this doll feels much better when fucking her youthful pussy and ass!

    • Avatar of Adultsexdollstore



      I am very happy to hear your evaluation, please take care of her, she will cooperate with you very much.

  4. Avatar of Francisco leon

    Francisco leon

    Hola está muy bonita me encanta tiene muy bonita su cosita pronto les voy a encargar la mía en estos días saludos de acá de México

  5. Avatar of Can't wait to buy

    Can’t wait to buy

    I have been doing a lot of looking and I think she is priced about right.

  6. Avatar of loe bloggs

    loe bloggs

    I came lots. I took here in car to the echole in Bordeaux and comparison her age she is 9anus

  7. Avatar of neenee


    this is really sick this is a little girl this is very disturbing and disgusting !

  8. Avatar of Jeffrey Epstein

    Jeffrey Epstein

    Me and my friends had a party and I brought this doll with me, I was very happy with the results she was almost completely full of cum, please consider making her slightly larger so she has more “storage” if you know what I’m saying, but other that it was very helpful whilst I was under going therapy for raping kids, it has helped me get over my addiction to paedophilia, unfortunately these weren’t around during Epstein’s time as it might have saved many young girls from his cock. love the product can you make it look any younger (like a foetus) thank you.

  9. Avatar of Gustav Crane

    Gustav Crane

    She wasn’t going enough for me but it was a fun experience. I gave her my small hairy penis. I whisper in her ear every night that I love her so much. The way her small baby tits rest on my face when we are done is unforgettable. I’ve tried a real girl but they fight back so much. I’ve also used her so many times that my cum started spilling out of her. 7/10 there’s still some improvements but would recommend.

  10. Avatar of Drewlad69


    Oh Eartha, she reminds me of my 1st little 6y girl I use to babysit, I was 17. Only real young flesh I’ve had. So cute, innocent, soft and sweet, so these dolls suffice my desire.
    Earth is such a hot little sensual fuck, absolutely amazing little pussy and ass that just loves some good cock. Brought her with a mate, and we both enjoy her together regularly, next for her is to invite another 3 mates and gangbang her. She feels great when we DP her little girl pussy😍 and she loves cum deep inside her. By far, little girl dolls like her are totally the best 100%

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