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The most realistic sex doll skeleton structure

(1) Simple steel frame with limited poses and no fingers or toe bones.

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(2) Improved simple steel frame, which can pose more and has finger and toe bones.


(3) Human-like bone-type stainless steel with elastic memory metal frame, basically able to pose most yoga poses, with fingers and toe bones.

(4) The skeletal carbon fiber in the human body and the elastic memory metal skeleton can basically perform most yoga postures, with fingers and toes bones.

It is said that the dolls on the market currently take the (2) improved type of the most realistic sex doll with finger and toe bone skeletons as the mainstream, and the (3) type of human-like bone-like stainless steel plus elastic memory metal skeletons have begun to be marketed and gradually become popular. Recognized. And (4) is the future development direction.

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