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Which is better to buy, silicone or TPE dolls?

A. Preface: As we all know, there are two major materials in the physical sex doll world: silicone and TPE, both of which differ in material, feel, stretch, smell, and price.

Silicone is odourless, not easily deformed, with skin details close to real people, and has a very good ornamental quality;

TPE is soft, elastic and has a strong pulling force, not easy to pull apart, TPE price is $300-$800, now the top TPE material sexy dolls both the feel and simulation of silicone and TPE stretch, life, but the price is not expensive.

Newcomers are recommended to choose TPE (or smaller SIZE sexy dolls), and then consider getting silicone, or choose silicone head + TPE body if you want better value for money.

II. Cold knowledge Q&A

Is there any recycled product when I buy a silicone sex doll/TPE sex doll?

Answer: Yes.

1. Silicone recycling rate is small, mainly because the recycling process is troublesome, at present, the main use of depolymerization system, polymerization and shredding method of recycling, part of the unscrupulous cottage factory using part of the scrap fill, in order to be good.

2. TPE recovery rate is relatively high, but TPE after high-temperature processing, feel color, and life will be affected, for newcomers is still not good to distinguish.

Suggestions: whether it is silicone or TPE sexy dolls are recommended to choose the regular brand, a penny, can not be greedy for cheap.

It’s all about the brand, will a higher-priced sexy doll be better than a lower-priced sex doll?

Answer: Not necessarily

Sexy dolls have a long history abroad, the first sexy doll was born in Japan in 1970, and in the 80s and 90’s it was constantly improved to be very similar to real people. With 40% of the world’s sexy doll factories in China, it’s no secret that production costs are high. Publicity, manpower, management, and logistics are also part of the cost, but overall it’s still “you get what you pay for”.

Advice: The price difference between branded products is mainly due to: functionality, craftsmanship, materials (imported/domestic) and size, etc. Some manufacturers even offer after-sales repair services, so newcomers can choose according to their preferences.

Is there a difference in the price of products from the channels of purchase?

Answer: Yes

The operating model of each brand channel is different, but broadly divided into “agent” and “direct”, in order to promote the purchase, there will generally be certain discounts and gifts, as long as the formal channels and platforms (with official certification) can ask about.

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