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Building Your Very Own Custom Sex Doll

The fantasy of every individual is varied and a custom sex doll allows individuals to bring their wildest dreams into reality. There are tons of options available in this category along with an incredible selection of these dolls made of top-quality TPE material. So, you have the option of making your very own sex doll instead of going through the sex doll gallery. There are different heads and body types available so it gets easier for you to craft your very own sex doll as per the specifications you want. Take, for instance, you can always make a fit and firm D-Cup sex doll body or go for the curvy and thick H-Cup sex doll body. Both these options come with tons of customization preferences and realistic features. So, it will not be a hassle for you to build your very own sex doll.

It is very easy to make your own sex doll that has the potential of satisfying all your desires and needs. The only thing that you will need is a base and the procedure goes like this:

  • Choose the body type for making your custom doll.
  • Select its head.
  • Choose skin tone.
  • Choose the style of the skeleton.
  • Select hairstyle.
  • Go for either a fixed vagina or a replaceable vagina.
  • Choose the nail color of the doll.
  • Decide on whether you require public hair or not.

Get all the other custom doll options in place.

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