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The world’s most realistic sex doll: touch the skin to feel the temperature

The simulated sex doll made by the Adult Sex Doll Store is the most realistic sex doll in the world. The degree of simulation of this doll is really amazing. Not only can the skin feel the temperature, but also the hair can be felt when touched, which is almost like a real person.

The world’s most realistic sex doll

Adult Sex Doll Store has always been a culture of adult entertainment, and sex dolls are not far behind. It is said that the two best-quality simulation dolls in the world are almost all made by Adult Sex Doll Store, and they are almost real. Tactile, the material used is very close to the softness and curvature of real human skin. In many cases, it can even be fake. It is almost indistinguishable from the real person in the photo. The most realistic sex doll in the world is even equipped with a voice and is able to have a conversation.


There is a reason why this sex doll made by the manufacturer of Adult Sex Doll Store is so realistic. After all, it is not easy to make this doll 99% close to the real person. Just stare at it for a long time. As if it is about to speak, and the most amazing thing about this sex doll is that its skin can feel a temperature similar to a real person when touched, especially when used.


And whether it is the internal voice system or the external shape, almost all can be adjusted according to the preferences of the buyer. First of all, there are many types of human voices, among which the size and tone of the sound can be set. The external shape can also be customized to your favorite types, such as a maid or a teacher, and even the size and depth of the chest can be customized.


So seeing this, you must also understand why this infinitely close-to-life sex doll can be sold so realistically. After all, it looks like you have found a real wife, except that it won’t move. Everything is completely simulated and real, which may be the reason why it is more popular than the Real Doll doll of the Los Angeles company before!

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