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Lauretta Real Sex Doll Male Masturbator Torso


Lauretta Real Sex Doll Male Masturbator Torso 141,95  70,95 

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C-Cup TPE Sex Girl doll is super soft, tough, safe, and odorless.
3-in-1 sex girl doll with vaginal, anal, and breast sex.
Built-in realistic anal and vaginal teeth cavity with ribbed design and internal pellets.
1.8 lbs, 16 lbs
Vaginal depth 5 cm

Lauretta’s 14.5 cm skinny fuck doll torso has soft C-cup breasts and a hot ass. She weighs only about 10 lbs. 8 kg and has a real anus and pussy. She has the curviest body shape and real sex holes, just like a real woman. This girl is made of humanoid TPE material and feels soft as silk.
Huge breasts her breasts are soft and supple, close to the real thing. When you tap the woman, the breasts will naturally jiggle to simulate real breasts. She is certainly the best choice for breast intercourse. A person can tap, kiss, and squeeze her smooth nipples.
Bi-sexual hole She is a life-size, perfect female physique and exquisite booty. You can fuck her anus and pussy. Both styles of her orifices are constructed with ridges shaped like a real woman to help stimulate your cock until you come. Often, this twisted structure provides incredible suction and pressure for every thrust you make and is deep enough so you can slide your cock all the way in.
Spice up the funLauretta is a life-size sexy body, so you can dress her up in as many small costumes as you like. It would be amazing when there is intercourse based on a girl every time. Please note, however, that TPE dolls are extremely stain-prone, so please avoid choosing clothes for your girl that are dark in color or easily washed out.

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Andy-1.5KG, Linna-1.9KG, Sandy-2.09KG


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