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Emily – Cute Mini Realistic 68cm Sex Doll


  • The anus and vagina of the sex doll are specially treated with a ribbed pattern and particles inside. Make it more real when you have sex.
  • Sex dolls have metal skeletons with movable joints that can take any pose.
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Height: 68cm
Bust: 32CM
Waist: 23CM
Hips: 33CM
Shoulder width: 12CM
Arm circumference: 9CM
Arm length: 24CM
Hand length: 5CM
Leg length: 33CM
Thigh circumference: 17CM
Calf circumference: 11CM
Foot length: 8CM
Neck circumference: 12CM
Net weight: 2.6KG

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Emily is a 68cm long sex doll. Her unique charm lies in Emily’s large, pixie-like eyes and exaggerated proportions. She also has long eyelashes, which make her look absolutely adorable.

Real men who will satisfy her sexual desires and help her see the light in her eyes. Emily wants to get fucked. Emily wants to be fired repeatedly. Are you the right man? Are you able to meet Emily’s demands? You will be enchanted by her hot woman’s pussy and, if you wish, her unbridled, rectum. She will play with you every evening.

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