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How Sex Dolls Make You a Better Lover

Preface: “I want to save money to buy female dolls“, “human reproduction is in danger”, and “much cheaper than marrying a real person”.

On February 9, Mike’s “Sex dolls slap strangers, look at them and you’ll know that modern technology really plays big” report sparked a lot of debate among netizens: “I want to buy one, it’s much less than the bride price.” “Would you like to see such a future? I’m looking forward to it.” “Men don’t want to spend time on their girlfriends, women don’t want to have children, and people are becoming lazier and more egotistical, while also having more things they want to do. And surreal dolls will replace intensive labor, I feel like I see the future.”

Some users also expressed pessimism: “Humans are becoming less and less human”, “No wonder scientists say that the future of mankind may end the institution of marriage, hey, some times think, married really tired …… married life is too tired. ”

“Buy a full-size sex doll is to practice English and Japanese with me, I’m not thinking about those shy things.”

There is also insight into the future: “When ultra-realistic female dolls become so perfect and intelligent, it is almost unlikely that they will be used only for venting, and it is highly likely that more than sexual feelings will develop.”

According to reports, the world’s leading sex doll manufacturer RealDoll will launch a sex doll, engineers have also developed a more advanced Harmony AI artificial intelligence, which has “emotions” and “personality” and can communicate with humans emotionally new product has several parts.

The new product has several components, all of which will be launched this year and next. The first is the Harmony AI app, which is expected to launch on April 15, followed by the “doll head” system, which will be released by the end of the year, and the virtual reality platform, which will wait until next year.

The price is naturally not expensive, the doll head alone is priced at $ 10,000. And in addition to the intelligent part, the body is also very realistic.

Each simulation of silicone “RealDoll” sex doll has a flexible skeleton, from the beginning of production to the final product out of about 80 hours, not only that, the sex doll can also customize the genitals and replace the face.

In the future, the doll’s emotional intelligence may exceed that of humans

“In 2050 a weekend evening, just after work from the day’s busy briefly pulled out, a tired back home, he no longer thinks about anything else at all, and no romantic dinner and a warm bath, just want to close the doors and windows, turn on the moody music, and spend the night with the doll.”

— a scenario portrayed by artificial intelligence expert David Levy in his book “Sex with Dolls”.

“You can make out with a doll anytime, seven days a week, and what’s wrong with that?” Levy believes that doll sex is now an absolute boon, at least for the billions of people who don’t have “satisfying relationships. By 2050, dolls will be so lifelike that they will be almost indistinguishable from real people.

In the future, sex dolls can not only make out with people, but also clean your room, fold the quilt, do laundry and cook…… so that the connection between people and dolls is not only limited to the physical, and can even replace their significant other to some extent.

In the future, the doll’s emotional intelligence may even surpass that of many humans, including judgment, thinking, problem-solving skills, candor, self-control, self-reflection, and reading people’s minds.

Back to reality, 28-year-old Russian guy “hold the dream of love sex doll home”

In fact, living with sex dolls or even marriage is not news. in November 2015, a set of dreamy and beautiful wedding photos spread wildly on the Internet, the groom is a 28-year-old Russian wedding photographer, but the bride is made in the United States under the age of one silicone and TPE doll.

Some people suspect that this is a wedding photography company’s publicity campaign, some people say that the man suffering from cancer will soon die, do not want to leave the bride as a widow, they choose to hold a wedding with silicone and TPE dolls.

Silicone and TPE dolls have exquisite features, very realistic

Many netizens said it is difficult to accept, do not understand why this looks good “fresh meat” will love to silicone and TPE dolls, some speculate that the man may not be out of love: “Maybe in love, only the doll will not betray, will not break up”, “probably because silicone love dolls do not want to be a widow. “Probably because silicone love dolls do not want the house, do not want the car, but also will not cheat.

Some netizens said that everyone has their own view of love and marriage, it does not make sense must also have a value of existence, people can not understand but should respect.

The photographer responsible for taking wedding photos specifically posted an article lamenting, “I can only say that everyone has their own view of love and marriage, not common sense must also have a value of existence, we can not understand but should respect.”

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