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Elaine Female Realistic 68cm Best Mini Sex Doll


Elaine Female Realistic 68cm Best Mini Sex Doll $604.72$366.48

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Гарантированная безопасная оплата

Высота: 2 футов 3 в / 68см
Размер груди, талии, бедер: 34 – 21 – 33 СМ
Длина ноги: 8 СМ
Глубина влагалища: 17 СМ
анальная глубина: 15 СМ
Вес нетто: 2.5 КГ
Вес упаковки: 3.4 КГ
Размер посылки: 68*22*18 СМ

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Elaine’s 68cm smallest sexual intercourse doll is our best-selling sex girl doll. Her charming features are her cute face and small round breasts. For your photograph shoot, we located her on the grocery stand. In contrast, we can see that the girl with very small and light, weighing only 3. 75 кг. Please be aware that this mini doll is made of thermoplastic elastomer (ТПЭ) and not silicone.
Another advantage of the little size of the live-action doll is it is reasonably priced. Regardless of where you look, you will be challenged to get this affordable sex doll. Simply add this doll to your cart now and we offer free delivery.
As well as tpe sex toy, the lady also makes a great decorative piece. An advanced anime lover, you can try to buy some anime fashion and dress her as a beautiful little princess.
Each doll we sell is a work of art. In case you are willing to buy one, please love and care for her and put it to use with proper care. Clean her body promptly, then use dry powder to keep her body dry and maintain the girl in a dried-out environment being used in use.
If you demand a miniature intercourse doll in another size, you will see our relevant recommended products in our shop. You can find an array of miniature sex dolls here. This includes flat-breasted sexual intercourse dolls and other categories. We will always meet the needs of our customers and ensure that we add more realistic small items to our webshop.

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